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Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment, Translator Booths, Translator Equipment, Hearing Assisted Services, Audio Visual, Conference Services, Meetings
Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment
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Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

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Simultaneous Interpreter Booth

Interpreter Booth, Conference, Translation, Audio Visual,

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment 

Conferences are becoming larger and even more diverse once you consider the ability to stream. Attendees can listen in from almost anywhere around the globe. This is why simultaneous interpretation equipment has become a staple at present day conferences. When the message that is being delivered on stage is vital, having that information translated in real time is equally as important.  At Quality Plus Audio Visual, we stock a variety of Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment to help you overcome these challenges.  Leave it to us!  We will consult with you and draft a solution to suit your needs.  We carry soundproof simultaneous interpreter booths and facades, plus an array of diverse technologies to help transmit that message to your audience in real time almost anywhere. All of your attendees can tune into their preferred language of choice, and hear the translator in crystal clear audio. 

The same simultaneous interpretation system can be configured to help attendees that are hearing impaired. Once guests are given the headset, they can tune in to the language of choice, and boost the volume to the desired level. Allowing them to take part in the event, without the need of raising the overall conference system volume.

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