Seminars and Webinars
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Seminars and Webinars
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Seminars & Webinars

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Seminars and Webinars – Save time, gas, travel accommodations and your sanity. When you host a webinar, you are trying to reach more than your standard audience that lives within a 5 km radius. The objective of a webinar is often used to make sure you are connecting with hundreds, if not thousands of individuals around the world. However, as great as that sounds, you still need help making sure you are not simply broadcasting a webcam from your mother’s basement.
We have an understanding of the software, hardware and visual appeal that is required to broadcast a webinar to remember. The proper lighting, background and aesthetics are merged to assist in delivering a top notch presentation. We also provide the ability to record, edit and re-broadcast your webinar for future use.

Focusing on your work has never been easier. Quality Plus takes the guess work out of your seminar. Everything you want to present will fall in seamlessly into place with the help of our team. We can take all of the technology ideas and put it together to have it make sense for you.
Our goal is to give you a seminar that is worry free and simple by design. When we say simple, we mean easy to operate, functional and cost effective. When your vision is brought to our team, we consult with you to help determine any technical needs, as well as design attributes.
Setting up a seminar requires an essential knowledge in software, hardware and equipment. You may require any of the following: screens, projectors, follow spots, laser pointers, computers and let’s not forget those special connectors you keep forgetting about. We take it upon ourselves to make sure you’re advised of all the needs for your seminar.